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From before to now, 360 front hair and lace front straight hair have been popular among African American women. First of all, in order to understand the relationship between the two, we must first recognize what is a 360 lace wig and what is a Lace Front wig.

What Is A Lace Frontal Wig

The lace front wig is only part of the lace in front of the wig, showing a natural hairline.

What Is A 360 Lace Wig
The 360 wig is similar to the lace front wig. The 360 wig is basically lace, which wraps around the entire circumference of the head. The rest is composed of machined nets. The 360 lace seal gives you a realistic hairline. You can put it in a low ponytail. Everything is perfect and cannot be detected as needed. 5.5inch lace front natural hairline, 2 inch lace at back can make natural ponytail, 22.5 inch 360 Full lace around.

The similarities between lace front wig and 360 wig

Our standard 360 wig and lace front wig both use the same hat structure, with a breathable inner mesh hat and an adjustable strap at the rear. Our lace front wig includes 4 combs, sewn on the crown and nape area to enhance safety.
The difference between lace front wig and 360 wig
The obvious difference is that a very thin piece of lace extends to the entire front of the underside of the lace front wig. A single row of hair is sewn into the lace panel and used as an artificial hairline. The (hairless) lace extends to the height of the line of sight, allowing you to cut off the excess and close to the hairline as needed.

How long can the 360 wig last?

Important things need to be guarded carefully. For every wig lover, the quality of the hair is very important to him, and it is where his heart is trapped. To maintain the quality of the wig, you need to be willing to spend time to take care of your 360 lace wig. Usually 360 wigs can last for 6 months, if you take good care of it, it will last longer.
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