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From the mountain top of contentment, actually being married to the town princess, having two wonderful kids, my own business that was going good, and living in my home town, where I had always wanted to live, to the depths of hell in a few weeks is my story.

I live in Culverson, a small town in a Midwest state. The population of our small community is only a thousand souls. Our nearest urban area, a small city of twenty thousand people, is located about sixty miles away. There are other smaller villages between. We have a couple of convenience stores, a precursor to Wal-Mart, you know the small find everything store that primarily sold groceries but had a toy section, clothing, office supplies, camera department, and various sundries and even had patterns and cloth for those who thought themselves seamstresses. We also had a small pharmacy, a local True Value franchise, a farm store, a couple of cafes (no fast food restaurants), a large locally owned bank and a small credit union as well as my computer services business.

My company was mostly an IT consulting service. I sold hardware such as computers, servers, and monitors but mostly to those that were interested in the whole package including networks. Some of my clients included the bank, the local hospital and the school system.

My nearest competitor was in the more urban city but I even had clients there and had to frequently trouble shoot my competitor's networks.

Oh, I guess I should actually introduce myself. My name is Tim Meheron. I am thirty years old. For any who care I am six foot tall and weigh one hundred and eighty pounds soaking wet. Up until recently I was married to a girl I knew all through middle and high school, Becky Mains-Meheron, now soon to remarry as our divorce is final.

We were married for seven years. I thought they were good years but, I guess, she didn't think them so good as she blindsided me with the divorce petition.

Now, I do have to state, that we were not high school sweethearts. We barely talked to each other at any time since we ran with different crowds. We attended the same university but didn't hang out with the same crowd there, either. As a matter of fact I really didn't like her in school as she was the local princess. Her daddy, Ronald Mains, owned the only bank in town. Mains Federal Bank loans money to the local farmers, the feed store, the locally owned convenience stores, Ned's Superstore, and most of the rest of the businesses locally as well as most everyone in town has auto loans and home loans through that bank. I guess we all like to see our banker face-to-face and so online banking has not really caught on here. I even have a small operating loan with my daddy-in-law.

Well, anyway, back to Becky. It wasn't until after we graduated with our bachelors' degrees that suddenly she was interested in me. Now, I had fanaticized a little about her when we were in high school. She was the lovely blonde of decent height, weight, nice bust and ass and head cheerleader. I was a starting defensive end during football season, a forward playing basketball, ran the 1000 meter and 2000 meter races in track and played center field during baseball.

Now Becky was not exactly stuck up, she would refute that little generalization if you threw it at her but she did project that attitude of entitlement. She dated the quarterback who also played point guard and pitched baseball. Josh was a good guy and a good athlete. He went to a different university on a full ride scholarship to play football and that was when they broke up.

Like I said, I didn't run in the same circles as Becky did during our college days. She was a high ranking member of her sorority, the largest on campus, and their corresponding fraternity was the largest on campus. There were always fraternity or sorority sponsored events to take up time outside of class.

On the other hand, I was a nerd. I spent a lot of time outside of class learning hardware and software as well as various systems and the difficulty computerizing them. My choice of study required at least as much time studying as I put in the classroom. I also had to have a job to help pay what the small scholarship didn't.

My dad was the manager of Ned's Superstore so he didn't make a huge salary, just enough to keep me from grants. Just to give an example of scale you could multiply the square footage of my parents' house by four and still not be as large as Ronald Mains' primary domicile.

During the summer Dad and I would go camping almost every other weekend. Fishing was a cheap but enjoyable pastime. Becky and her parents would jet off to Aspen, the Ozarks, Miami, occasionally to Hawaii, and then up to Maine just for shits and giggles.

Get the idea? We were very different people who just happened to grow up in the same small town. When I came home from school suddenly Becky wanted to date me. She was almost stalking me. I really never understood her interest. Yes, I had started my business but, at the time, I was a one-man operation. I had applied for a small business grant for my startup money and I was showing a small profit after the first year.

Becky finally bit the bullet and asked me to dance one night when we both seemed to be at the same bar with a live band. We fit together pretty well. Mom had insisted that I learn to dance various different steps so I didn't acquit myself too badly. We parted as the bar shut down for the night with a kiss by her car and a promise by me to call the next day for a "real date".

I was an only child, something about mom's uterus that didn't allow normal development of the fetus. I guess I was a miracle baby. Becky had a brother who left home at age eighteen and fell off the face of the earth. I guess he didn't like Ronald much.

During the year after I graduated my dad died of a sudden heart attack. Mom said he was talking about mowing the yard and sometime later she noticed something sticking out of the small shed door at the back of the lot. My dad had collapsed there and by the time mom noticed it was far too late. The ambulance guys didn't even try to revive him. He had been gone too long.

Becky attended Dad's funeral even though we had only been on a few dates. It pleased me to see her there and she migrated to my side at the cemetery and held my hand as the tears coursed down my face. She was also very gracious to Mom and some of the small contingent of family that had traveled quite a ways to support us.

Mom's house was fully paid off before Dad passed and he had a pretty good life insurance policy that assured her a living income the rest of her life if she was careful. Thank god for that as the recent events unfolded. I'll get to that in a bit.

The old joke is about the guy that chased a girl until she caught him. Well, that wasn't the way Becky and I proceeded. She chased me. She asked me out. She initiated our sex life. I won't go into specifics except to say that we fit together, sexually, pretty well. We started to date exclusively, at least from my standpoint and I didn't hear any rumors of her dating others, and we engaged in sexual congress two or three times a week.

There were days I had to travel to some of the outlying communities. Some of the larger farms wanted to integrate all their computers, from the tractors, https://xfaap.com to the planters, the milking parlors and then the household computers. All had to have wi-fi access. With the buildings sometimes quite a ways apart there were logistical obstacles to overcome. So, I don't know if Becky sat at home, in her parents' house, on nights I had to be too busy to see her.

Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you about Becky's job.

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