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It was a typical evening at the Strickland household. Cindi was doing laundry after supper while Hal was reading the newspaper in the living room. Cindi lamented to herself that their marriage seemed to be mired in a rut of apathy. She was content in the knowledge that she had finally done something to add excitement to her sex life. Putting her current thoughts on the shelf, she came into the living room. "Why aren't you watching the TV news?"

"I'm tired of hearing the same things over and over. I thought cable was supposed to give us the opportunity to receive a lot more depth of information on issues. Instead, we get same stuff repeated every fifteen minutes. At least they have pretty women with big boobs giving most of the news now." He had a big grin on his face. He wasn't kidding. He just had the habit of speaking before thinking.

Cindi just shook her head. "Hal, can we do something different tonight? Maybe a board game?"

"You mean a b-o-r-e-d game?" Again, he smiled at his joke.

"We could play Scrabble. I might even let you win." She was hoping to trigger his competitive trait to get him out of his lethargy.

"No, thanks, dear. If you're worried having some entertainment tonight, I think you will be more than satisfied." Hal worried that he just said too much.

"You mean we might have sex for a couple of minutes?"

"Hey, I always last longer the second time."

"Yeah, when you don't fall asleep immediately after the first quick one."

Hal decided to end the back-and-forth before he got himself in trouble. The newspaper was back in front of his face. Cindi went to the kitchen to fix herself a drink. "Hal you want a beer or something?"

"Makers and ginger ale if we have it." Cindi was a little puzzled at his request. Bourbon was usually a drink for special occasions.

While Cindi was making the drinks, the doorbell rang.

Hal called out, "I got it honey." He went to the door and saw the shocked face of a man standing there.

"I . . . uh . . . must have the wrong house. I'm sorry." He started to back away.

"Nonsense, Caleb, isn't it? We've been expecting you. Come on in."

Caleb staggered in, wondering what was going on. He was prepared to bolt at a moment's notice. He was searching quickly for an excuse as to why he was there, "I just came by . . . "

Cindi came into the living room and dropped the drinks she had in her hands. "Oh my God, Caleb, what are you doing here?"

Hal answered for xfaap.com him, "I told you things would get interesting tonight. Caleb, you sit on the couch. Cindi, you clean up your mess and join us."

Caleb spoke up, "I have interrupted your evening. I think I better be going." He turned to leave.

Hal pulled out a revolver from behind his back. "Caleb, be a good boy-toy and sit on the damn couch."

Cindi screamed in fear, "Hal, don't shoot him. It was my fault as much as his. Let him go. Please. I'll do anything, but don't kill him."

"Calm down, Cindi. No one will get hurt, physically that is, if you two just do as I say."

Cindi cried while cleaning up her mess. Caleb sat fidgeting on the couch. Hal was in his recliner and turned it to face the Caleb. He started to talk to Caleb, but Caleb spoke first.

"Hal, I know . . ."

"That's Mr. Strickland to you, asshole."

"Mr. Strickland, I know this must be difficult for you to understand. What Cindi and I have is nothing compared to how much she loves you and . . . "

"Caleb, stop the 'she only loves you' bullshit. I know about you and Cindi. Just sit there and answer what you are asked."

Cindi joined them, sitting next to Caleb on the couch as Hal's gun indicated she was to sit. "Hal, what are you going to do? It's not like you to be violent."

"And I didn't think it was like you to cheat. How about that. We've both learned something new about each other lately. Now, we're going to sit here and pretend we're grown adults. I'm waiting for someone else. In the meantime, Caleb, I think I should know more information about my wife's lover. Where are you from originally?"


"You look very fit. Did you play football by any chance?"

"Yeah. High school but not college. I was a cornerback and safety for Whitesburg High."

"Really, when?"

"2000 - 2003."

"I played for Greenville High 1999 -- 2002. That means we played against each other. Small world."

"Hal, Mr. Strickland, do you remember the 2001 game? I made the game winning tackle against Greenville."

"I remember. I was the one who was supposed to be blocking you." They both chuckled.

Cindi interjected, "What the hell is going on here? He's got a gun pointed at us and you two are talking about football! Hal, once again, what are you planning to do to us?"

"Fine, I'll put the gun in my lap if it makes you feel any better. Please have a little patience. Our next guest should be here soon."

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Hal directed Cindi to answer the door. She opened the door to see an attractive but obviously disturbed woman. The woman pushed her way in and walked straight to the couch.

Caleb stood up quickly and asked, "Alex, what are you doing here?" He barely got the words out of his mouth before a hard slap knocked his head to its side.

"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here? What happened to that last minute business trip to Atlanta? Sit your cheating ass down, loser."

Alex scowled at Cindi and went over to Hal. "Everything okay?"

"Yep, right on schedule."

Caleb asked, "Alex, who is taking care of Danielle?"

"She's with a babysitter."

Cindi yelled, "You have a daughter? You never told me you had kids. You bastard."

"Well, it never came up."

Hal once again had a thought to word moment without a filter in between, "Yeah, we know what did come up, don't we Caleb?"

Cindi tried a different tactic at dealing with the situation. "Well, you two caught us before anything really happened. We have been working on a way to get together for our first time. Thank goodness you stopped us when you did. Now, I promise we'll never see each other again."

Hal and Alex laughed. Hall pulled out a tape recorder and started playing a session of sex with Cindi and Caleb. It was obvious that not only were they having sex, but that it was only one of several that had happened. Both Hal and Alex received scathing reviews of their sexual skills from their spouses from the taped bedroom conversations. "Now, Cindi, you were saying?"

Caleb interrupted, "So, Mr. Strickland, it was you who emailed me from Cindi's computer about coming over this weekend?" Hal nodded.

Cindi asked, "Hal, how did you get my password? That's an invasion of my privacy."

"So, sue me. Actually Cindi, you'll get a kick out of this. I couldn't believe it myself. Have you seen the murder mystery movies where the detective finds a note pad by the suspect's phone? He takes the page underneath where the killer has just written down critical information on the missing page that was on top. Then the detective takes a pencil and rubs the graphite lead over the surface of the under page and magically the information appears. I tried it on your notepad and got what looked like a password. Bingo! I looked at your emails and guess what I found? Cindi you and Caleb have been bad, very bad."

"Okay you caught us. What now?"

"Now, we want a full confession: When did it start? Why did it start? Where did you see your relationship going?"

Caleb didn't volunteer so Cindi spoke. "We met at the first of school at faculty orientation. There was an instant physical attraction. We went from flirting at times we happened to be together to finding ways to be together. It was the faculty Christmas party when we first did it. Since then, we've been together a couple of times a week.

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