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For virtually all of us, probably the most recognized symbol of appropriate food choices is bought in the food pyramid. It indicates which foods we ought to eat in which portion sizes so that our body receives the nutrients it will require. When you are generating a nutritious diet plan you would do very well to check out the Mediterranean diet food pyramid. The Mediterranean diet is recognized as one of the healthiest diet plans in the world and is still endorsed by the Mayo Clinic.

meticore labelWhat is the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid
The Mediterranean diet food pyramid is an alternative to the regular one that is becoming ever more popular because it's not based on popular food trends. The diet itself is founded on a huge number of years of tradition within the Mediterranean region. The dietary traditions of Mediterranean countries have long been realized as very healthy, and the food that they consume is one of the main factors in that healthiness. Knowing the difference between the standard food pyramid and the Mediterranean one will work with you in improving the overall health of yours.
The Mediterranean diet food pyramid is drastically different to the conventional one with that we are familiar. There are certain glaring differences, namely;

The best portion of the Mediterranean diet plan food pyramid begins with red meat as a source of animal protein. Reddish meat and sweets are the least eaten up foods in the Mediterranean, about 2-3 times a month. The ensuing category, ingested a couple of times a week, are poultry, eggs and meticore directions (visit the following webpage) dairy foods as cheese and yogurt. Then comes fish and seafood that are consumed almost every day. Basically, the Mediterranean diet is low in fats which are saturated and also full of monounsaturated fats as well as omega three.

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