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Did you know that there is such a thing as slot machine etiquette? There are thousands of people each day in casinos all over that follow, or break, rules of slot machine etiquette without even knowing it. If you are traveling to a casino some time soon, you should learn the basic points of slot machine etiquette so that you do not bring the wrath of a fellow slot player. Slot machine etiquette teaches that you should never touch the slot machine of another player.

You should also not lean on their chair or shoulder as this motion could cause them to jerk and hit the wrong button. Slot machine etiquette allows a person to play two slot machines that are right next to each other as long as the casino is not overly crowded. There will be times in which people are waiting to sit down that a slot attendant might ask a player playing two slot machines to end one of their sessions. Slot machine etiquette frowns on those people that pound the buttons on a slot machine rapidly for good luck.

Also, many casinos will frown on this since this wears the slot machines out over time. Plus, this is just distracting to other players around. If you are going to watch a person play a slot machine, do not sit in the chair next to them unless you plan on playing yourself. This takes a seat away from someone else. Slot attendants will usually be quick to ask you to please move. This is a true no-no of slot machine etiquette. If you see a seat leaning up against a slot machine, slot etiquette teaches that you should leave that machine alone.

This is done if a person needs to leave the slot machine for a few minutes and they feel that it has been lucky for them. Slot machine etiquette teaches that if you do this, do it only for a five minute maximum. One lesson of slot machine etiquette is something that I do regularly. If someone is at a machine that I wish to play at, I will ask them to let me know when they are leaving it. I will then sit within a few slots of them and play until they are gone.

This does not pressure them at all. If you win a jackpot, slot machine etiquette does allow you to celebrate as long as you do not carry on for http://slotoff.com/ (visit website) too long, or bother the other players. Also, make sure that you tip any of the attendants that pay you out for your win. Keep these points of slot machine etiquette in mind the next time you go to the casino. They will help to give you a more enjoyable experience. It will also give a more enjoyable experience to the other slot players around you.

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