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Las Vegas, Nevada, the place where almost everyone would like to visit at least once in their lifetime and strike it rich. The casino's however are not the only place in Las Vegas that are jumping at night. The bars all across the city are as well and some of the most popular ones are gay bars. Yep, that's right gay bars are extremely popular in the Las Vegas, even if you are not gay, everyone needs to visit one of these fabulous night clubs. Voted one of the top best gay night clubs in Las Vegas, the Piranha Nightclub located at 4633 Paradise Road (right down the street from the Hardrock Hotel amp; Casino) is one of the most jumping night clubs you will ever have seen.

Not only does Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton and many others hang out and party there, the events and atmosphere rock every night of the week. Different themes every night contribute to the fun at the Piranha. Monday is "Hot Mess Monday", Tuesday is "8 1/2 Ultra Lounge", Wednesday is "Mix Wednesday" (this night it for those who are not gay) , Thursday is "Thick Thursday amp; Porn Night", Friday is "Fetish amp; Fashion", Saturday is "Secret", and Sunday is "El Deseo".

The music is a fabulous mix of hip hop, Top 40 hits as well as house music, that goes on until the wee hours of the night. There is a cover charge to get in, or you can become a member which gives you many other options and discounts, to obtain those prices just call 702-791-0100 and they will gladly explain how much it is. Piranha Night club also has a MySpace page which is at Piranha Nightclub MySpace. Honestly if you do not do anything else in Vegas, this is a must, you will have such a great time I guarantee it !

Are you looking for the ambiance of nightclub amp; casino mix then the Escape Lounge is the place for you. This fabulous gay bar and casino is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so there is no excuse not to visit this jumpin' gay night club. The Escape Lounge is located at 4213 West Sahara Avenue, right in between Arville and Valleyview at the Statue of Liberty. Happy Hour is everyday between 5am and 7am as well as 5pm and 7pm, it does not matter if you are a day partier or a night partier, there is something for everyone at all times at the Escape Lounge.

To get more information, all you need to call 702-364-1167. If you're into the country western scene, the Badlands Saloon in Las Vegas is the place to go. Located at 953 E. Sahara Ave. #22, this gay nightclub is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with events happening throughout the week. There is no cover charge to get in and happy hour is Monday through Thursday between 4pm and slotoff.com 7pm ($2 a drink).

This cozy nightclub is very unique in many ways and will make you feel right at home if you become a regular with your very own personalized mug each time you visit. Most of the people are gay men over 30, but all ages and sexes over 21 are welcome to join in the fun. Friday - Sunday between 7pm-12am are beer or liquor bust nights. Which means one price for as many drinks as you can handle. Give the Badlands Saloon a call for more information if needed at 702-792-9262.

Having the longest running drag queen show in Las Vegas, FreeZone is the place that is hopping and is never the same any night. The FreeZone is located at 610 East Naples and is open of course 24/7. Sunday amp; Monday you do not want to miss the Karaoke going on in here. Tuesday is Ladies Night, Wednesday is Beer Bust, Thursday is Boyz Night, and Friday amp; Saturday is the ever so popular and long running Drag Show amp; Dance Party! If you in the mood to gamble, well no need to go any further.

FreeZone is also equipped with machines that include video poker amp; reel games. If you would like the prices or specials for the day, please cal the FreeZone at 702-794-2300. Last but not least... If you want the leather and Levi atmosphere then the Fun Hog Ranch is the place for you. Located at 495 E. Twain Ave, the Fun Hog Ranch offers 24/7 $1.00 Jello Shots for those who just cant handle tasting the liquor going down. If you happen to be in town on a Sunday, be sure to stop by the Fun Hog Ranch for their free BBQ too!

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