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If you are looking to take a cheap trip to the casino, I would recommend trying out Turtle Lake Casino in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. It is the best buy for your money, and you will truly enjoy your stay. The casino is pretty large, they actually just added on with a lot more slots. It is one of the casinos that has the most penny slots. I love playing the penny slots because you get a lot more playtime on your money. If you are planning to stay at Turtle Lake Casino, I would recommend going online to their website and ordering one of their players cards.

It is free to join and you get a lot of perks when you sign up. After you receive your player's card, then I would book your hotel room. The hotel offers a cheaper rate when you are a member of the players club. Plus, when you stay at the hotel you will receive a punch card and after so many stays you will get one free. If you plan your trip ahead of time, stay in one of their themed suites. They are not that much more in price, but you get quite a bit more room.

My personal favorite theme room to stay in is the Egyptian themed room. It has two bedrooms, an enormous Jacuzzi tub, and a shower that could fit a dozen people. Also in the suite rooms you have an actually dining room table, a refrigerator, microwave and separate living room. I think the suite hotel rooms are bigger than my apartment, they are absolutely huge. The casino has a lot of options for dining. I recommend eating at the buffet because you get a lot of food for the money and it is quite tasty.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat you can always check out the café. It is really affordable. The only bad thing about Turtle Lake Casino is that there is nothing to do around the hotel. When I say nothing, slotoff.com I mean nothing. My husband and I went there for three days and on the second day we went out to go shopping and get out of the hotel and had to drive almost an hour to get to anyplace that had even a Wal-Mart. I think the only thing around the casino is a McDonalds and a gas station.

I would recommend Turtle Lake Casino in Wisconsin for anyone who is looking for an affordable trip to the casino. It is a nice place to stay and it is a whole lot of fun.

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